From today I’m going to start keeping a public record of the notes Tony sends me here, rather than posting them in the Facebook group, so they are easier to find later.

Last night I analysed Whitehaven Coal (WHC) again and added a price alert to Stock Doctor of $2.10.

The current price is $1.765 and it is still in a 3Pt downtrend, but there was an article in the Fin yesterday about the company receiving a planning approval stage for a new mine.

I am adding Grange Resources (GRR) to the watchlist.

QAV score is 0.15

3ptl buy target was $0.237 which was crossed yesterday.

Here is my 3PTL graph for GRR

I found a way to save my chart preferences in Stock Doctor.

I was getting annoyed at having to select 5 year, monthly, line graph every time I used the advanced charting tool.

But, last night I found out that if you click on the “layout” drop down tab in advanced charting you can save the current chart settings and then call them up again. Advanced charting will default to your last saved layout in future. Neat feature. (I knew that already – Cam)

I have just analysed Mitchell Services (MSV) and set a price alert for $0.58 in SD.

The price is a long way from that, at .405; however, I read in the Director’s Deeds section of the Eureka Report today that the Chairman is buying stock.

MSV currently has a price to cashflow of 4.77.

I am also buying more Macquarie Group (MQG) shares for my own account.

Jen shared this with me and I thought it would be worth passing on as we have had questions about how to get teens motivated to be investors.

This comes from the Barefoot Investor for Families book.

What this table shows is that if a teenager gets a part time job and saves $5k per year and puts that into an index fund for 5 years then stops, the copound growth takes the investment to $2.7m by the time they are 60.

The author, Scott Pape, compares this with someone who gets a job and saves $5k a year for every year of their working life. They end up with $1.6m in investments at age 60 (the right hand columns).

Scott Pape table

Eclipx Group reported it’s March year-end date numbers recently. It scores very well on the QAV checklist
Here is the 3PTL for ECX. There are 3 equivalent high peaks and extending a line from those has a buy price just under $4, but I think it is reasonable to draw the line from the rightmost of these peaks (the green line below). The spreadsheet I sent through in the last email gives a target buy price of $1.24 and the share price is $0.925 and rising, so it may be a buy in the near future.



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