This week I published the first draft of our new QAV Getting Started Guide. It’s 26 pages long and breaks down the checklist step-by-step. It contains a lot of the basic thinking behind Tony’s value investing system. You can find it on our Club Member Resources page. The idea is to turn this into a repository of explanations about how to use the investing checklist to help new members get up and running as quickly as possible.

Honestly, though – there’s a learning curve with this stuff and you should expect it will take six months or more of study and practise. Tony has taken 30 years of study of the theory of how to be a successful investor, reading God knows how many books, doing his own experimentation and analysis and regression testing, and condensed it down into a spreadsheet. So it makes sense that it might take the rest of us some time to get up to speed.

We’ve also launched a new private Facebook group for club members to compare notes on stocks they have analysed. It’s taken off very quickly and it’s great to see folks willing to share their work with the others. It’s a great learning opportunity, as we can all discuss and debate the charts and figures. You can find a link to the group on the club member resources page as well.

We had our first live Zoom call with club members last week as well! Tony answered questions for an hour. It’s not the same as having dinner, but it’s the best we can do in these weird times.