QAV S04E13 – Home Invasions

This week: MRC firing their CEO and the price dropped 25% – why didn’t we sell?; Lincoln fund results; ASA webinar by James Holt; WAAAX performance 20/21; CVL down 13% since we bought it; MAH groundhog; Flitman model is out; red flags for companies that might go into a trading halt; why share prices fall after they go ex dividend; how TK decides what to sell when he needs to take cash out of his portfolio; commodity stocks sell lines; sentiment for HAW, AGD, AIS; is GCY now a sell?

TK Journal 2021-02-18

Hi Cam, I think the market has been clearly spooked with Hawthorn Resources (HAW) and the resignation of Chris Corrigan as director. Even though the share price is above our Sell line, I think we should sell it from our dummy portfolio and replace it with the next...

TK Journal 2021-02-10

Hi everyone, I wanted to respond in more detail to the question at last night’s zoom call regarding what action to take with Hawthorn Resources (HAW) given the resignation of a Director. Chris Corrigan holds 30% of the company but has resigned as of yesterday. I...

QAV S03E62 – Don’t Judge The Fudge

Last week’s jump in HAW demonstrates why we don’t sell until something hits the 3PTL. Would Tony buy still FMG today? What are the risks of buying stocks with margin loans? Can we fudge the COVID cough? Should we try to predict the future? What about MLD’s capital raising? What happened with MSV? All this and Day Of The Triffids on our last episode for 2020!

TK Journal 2020-11-18

After discussing Hawthorn Resources (HAW) yesterday, I remembered that they were paying a return of capital and special dividend and did some research.   Approximately 4 cents per share is being paid to shareholders on the 20th of November. I think this is why...
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