TK Journal 2020-08-13

Note: Tony removed NWS when an error in the SD data was discovered. Newscorp (NWS) has become a Buy with a QAV score of 0.46 A couple of things to note: NWS is also listed on the Nasdaq, so Share Analysis had figures for the US listing but not for the Australian...

S03E25 – The Fudge

On this episode we talk about Tony’s recent journal entries regarding ADH, WSA and SFR, then we answer your questions about why we might invest in companies with poor financial health scores on Stock Doctor; why Tony isn’t a “range trader”; how Tony would start a new fund with only $10K; whether or not we should wait until reporting season before investing; definitions of “positive sentiment”; and the current takeover of IFN.

TK Journal 2020-06-19

Hi Cam, I updated my Master QAV spreadsheet with a download from Stock Doctor today. Because of this, there were two new companies that hadn’t met the filter criteria before. As such, they need to be manually entered into the Manually Entered Scores tab. The companies...
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