I added a Price alert to SD for ECX at $1.22 as a buy. This is how I drew my 3PTL for ECX:

Hi Cam,

After you asked which stock we should replace ZIM with in the dummy portfolio, I ran my SD QAV filter and looked at the new stocks that had an Uptrend signal using the SDMax Bullish/5yr price/6 month price filters.

Following that, I have put a price alert on SIV for a buy at $1.50.

Also, our old friends at ATL have jumped 15% today and I have put a buy price alert on at $0.51.

UBI jumped 25% today and I have put a buy price alert into SD at $0.40.

I am adding KRM to the watchlist as a Buy. Its QAV score is .47.

KRM has a ticky 3PTL to draw for the buy price. I have used the Rightmost peak method. Here is my graph:

I have updated the watchlist to include AGD with a Wait on it. I have set a price alert for AGD at $0.166.

MML dropped below its 3PTL Buy price, so the watchlist has been updates to Wait, from Buy. I have set a price alert in SD for 0.734.

Stock Doctor have just reported CIA’s March 2020 year end figures and I have run the analysis on them. I am adding CIA to the watch list with a Buy status and a QAV score of 0.27.

I am adding Kelly Partners (KPG) to the watchlist as a Buy with a QAV score of .21.

Here is how I draw the buy line for KPG

I discovered an error in my watchlist spreadsheet. Some of the links to other sheets were broken. So, HAW, MRC, ICS and FMG have now been included.

After all that, you can see from the watchlist, that the replacement for ZIM is Kingrose Mining (KRM). It only has a small daily traded value but we can add it to the dummy portfolio using the proceeds of the ZIM sale.