QAV S03E60 – Dead Parrot

Can we ignore the COVID cough in our 3PTL charts? What do you do when you own stock in a delisted company? How would we treat Depreciation when thinking about CCP? Does a capital raise cause a bump in the price? Should we listen to Ray Dalio on diversification? Why did Tony buy SFR and not any of the stocks on the Buy list with a much higher QAV score? Should we add a ‘one-month up turn’ to the checklist?

TK Journal 2020-12-04

Hi everyone, I am buying some shares in Sandfire Resources (SFR) for my own account. I did another SD download today as there were a few new company reports that occurred the week. Here is a summary of the changes since the last download: Virgin Money UK (VUK) was...

TK Journal 2020-12-03

Hi everyone, Sandfire Resources (SFR) announced a new mine in Botswana and their share price has jumped 10% and so are now a Buy on and are added to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.29. Thanks,...

TK Journal 2020-11-19

Today I sold my holdings in Regis Resources (RRL) and used the proceeds to buy shares in The Reject Shop (TRS). I also noticed that Sandfire Resources (SFR) has fallen below it’s Sell line so it is removed from the Buy List. Update 05:20 PM Myer’s (MYR) share price...

QAV S03E54 – Three Balls In The Water

On this week’s show we talk about the HAW price drop, a highlight from the ASA conference, the Aurelia Metals capital raising, Tony’s stock of the week JBH, and answer some of your questions about UWL, AX1, DKM, SFR, RRL NWH, AKG, how Tony calculates his returns, and why we use a 5 year chart with monthly intervals,