QAV S04E13 – Home Invasions

This week: MRC firing their CEO and the price dropped 25% – why didn’t we sell?; Lincoln fund results; ASA webinar by James Holt; WAAAX performance 20/21; CVL down 13% since we bought it; MAH groundhog; Flitman model is out; red flags for companies that might go into a trading halt; why share prices fall after they go ex dividend; how TK decides what to sell when he needs to take cash out of his portfolio; commodity stocks sell lines; sentiment for HAW, AGD, AIS; is GCY now a sell?

TK Journal 2020-08-13

Note: Tony removed NWS when an error in the SD data was discovered. Newscorp (NWS) has become a Buy with a QAV score of 0.46 A couple of things to note: NWS is also listed on the Nasdaq, so Share Analysis had figures for the US listing but not for the Australian...