Tony refines what he means by “the highest peak”; Steve Mabb explains his recent 3PTL experiment; how Tony would invest an influx of cash; selling GEAR and buying ECX; and running through TK’s journal entries for the week. In overtime we discuss Japanese knives, David Lee Roth, Charlie Brown, Kill Bill and other stuff unrelated to investing.

TK Journal 2020-07-21

I am starting to buy Aurelia Metals (AMI) for my own account. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ There were a couple of articles today in the AFR about QAV Buy list companies. 1. TRS Morgan Stanley...

TK Journal 2020-06-22

I have finished buying Eclipx (ECX) and have started buying Champion Iron (CIA) for my own account. Note, that I bypassed buying shares in GGUS which was next on the watchlist. GGUS is the Betashares geared US market ETF. I did this because I already bought shares in...

S03E22 – TINA

We talk about the thinking behind some of Tony’s recent journal entries, including Eclipx (ECX), AGL, Credit Corp (CCP) and Sandfire Resources (SFR). Then we get into answering questions. Elmar asks about Michael Hill International (MHJ) and how to mathematically find out at what point the selected stock is no longer a buy. Chris asks whether or not we can use a moving average to replace the three-point trend line. Dr J asks how Tony decides when to sell a stock.

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