QAV S05E15 – When You Predict

Afterpay losses explode; natural gas prices at 13-year high; Stocks of the week; Portfolio update; selling SFC; Yield curve has righted itself; BRK has invested $22bn in purchases this year; PRU pulled pork; where to find board ownership if no SD; foreign connections to a non-democratic country; How does TK determine number of stocks he owns?; the impact the Federal and State Govt schemes on GMA; buying stocks with a small spread between the buy & sell 3PTL; digital security measures for protecting our portfolio’s in a SelfWealth scenario.

TK Journal 2020-07-16

Schaffer (SFC) announced that their profit would be flat in 2020 and that this profit would be bolstered by equity gains in it’s investment portfolio. They also advised that the Automotive Leather division which makes up the majority of it’s operating profit is down...

QAV S01E32 – Turning Japanese

On this episode we debunk more claims about the death of value investing and how it relates to the “Japanification” of the economy; I come up with a new nickname for Tony; And we answer a listener question about how quickly he invests new funds.

Our stock analysis of the week is the diversified leather manufacturer SCHAFFER CORPORATION (SFC).