TK Journal 2021-03-26

Kathmandu (KMD) has a January 31 results date, which is common for retailers who are too busy with christmas trading to do their year end accounts in December. KMD remains on the Buy List (just) with a QAV score of 0.10. Regards,...

TK Journal 2021-02-15

Here is a Stock Journal following a SD download I did this morning: New stocks on the Buy List: CVL – Sentiment confirmed and added to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.35. Very small ADT. BOQ – Sentiment confirmed and added to the Buy List with a QAV...

TK Journal 2020-11-26

Eclipx (ECX) reported recently and it’s new figures are now in Stock Doctor, so I decided to run a new download. ECX remains on the buy list with a QAV score 0.49. 8IH reported new figures as well and has returned to the Buy List with a QAV score of 0.12. Betashares...

QAV S03E52 – Groundhog Day

Tony does a deep dive explanation on the Kelly Criterion and we discuss the challenges in applying it to share investing. We also discuss stocks that briefly stick their head above the ground and then retract them again (aka a groundhog), review Tony’s thoughts on average daily trade volume, answer a question about whether SFR is a Schrodinger, talk about how the Reserve Bank’s decision to go max QE and the US election might affect the market, review the CAA consolidation and aluminium prices, and Tony’s stock pick of the week is KMD.

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