TK Journal 2020-10-27

I have compiled a new buy list and a watchlist. The watchlist contains the stocks with Price to Operating Cashflow < 7 but without a confirmed buy sentiment. There were 3 new additions to the Buy list this time: Autosports Group (ASG), Accent Group (AX1) and...


Question this week include how Tony uses the “most undervalued ASX20 stock” strategy; whether or not ATS being a Schrodinger makes it a sell; and 3PTL help on KCN, GGUS and FMG. We also discuss Tony’s recent journal entries, Sam Elliott’s mustache, Allison Janney the horse, Hamilton the Musical, and Tony’s Rain Man-esque memory for details.


We chat about a couple of recent articles (see below) and then talk about Tony’s recent alerts involving LYL and KCN. Next we run AMI through the QAV Checklist and answer some questions about why the “buy list” is so large and whether or not we should/could shorten it using Stock Doctor filters.

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