QAV S04E03 – Capitulation

This week: ASX lower on fears of US bubble. Howard Marks’ capitulation. Ray Dalio’s thoughts on a coming US civil war. Using Gross Revenue Growth per Share to value “growth” stocks. Stock of the week – KRM. Using a logarithmic price scale. Tony’s thoughts on the Blue-Chippers in the ASX. Determining ‘Consistently Increasing Equity’. Defining ‘recent positive upturn’. Reasons to sell. NTD and the AUD. Waiting for reporting season. How to apportion additional funds. Sell lines for GGE, NHC, ESS.

TK Journal 2020-09-24

I ran a Stock Doctor download today. Grand Gulf Energy (GGE) appeared for the first time in our download and so was added to the Manually Entered Data sheet. Note, that it is hardly worth mentioning this company as its average daily traded amount is $108. Also, there...