QAV 544 – Follow The Recipe

The Dismal Science; gold is a buy; portfolio is killing it (too good?); what to do if your performance sucks; ‘loss-aversion’ bias; NHC buy back; CRN ends talks with Peabody; New month, new alerts; Pulled Pork – DBI; what to do when there’s a big gap between Buyers and Sellers; Rule#1 Clarification; update from Denis in Kyiv.

TK Journal 2020-10-06

I downloaded a new filter from Stock Doctor today and ran it through the QAV Master spreadsheet. There are a few things to note: An ETF, called ETFS ROBO Global Robotics Automation ETF (ROBO) scored well on the checklist and almost became a buy with a QAV score of...

QAV S03E43 – Superhero(s)

Lots of talk this week about the new trading app Superhero, how to use Stock Doctor’s Relative Strength Indicator, how franking credits work, whether or not Tony waits for an uptick before buying a stock, fudging the covid cough, borrowing funds to invest, and much more.

TK Journal 2020-09-17

Coronado GLB Resources (CRN) has been added to the Buy list with a QAV score of 0.12. This is the old Coronado Coal that we have had in the Dummy Portfolio before. It has recently gone through a capital raising which seems to be received well by the market. Sigma...

QAV S01E26 – Reporting Season Frenzy!

It’s reporting season and Tony is EXCITED. On this week’s show we talk about the cause of CRN’s sudden decline, and analyse two companies – BHP and QAN.

We are also adding quite a few additional stocks to our dummy portfolio based on Tony’s private analysis.