QAV S05E22 – Musical Chairs

Why investing is a little like musical chairs at the moment; why we should like it when the market makes mistakes; Apple announces BNPL service; changes to cash rate; Pulled Pork on PGL; Yancoal takeover update; Iron Ore no longer a Josie; fundie performance limited by short-termism; how to stay sane during corrections; reporting of qualified audits in half-yearly reports.

QAV S05E16 – Chairman Mabb

We are joined by guest Steven Mabb, Chairman of the Australian Shareholders Association, to talk about the importance (or not) of voting in AGMs and how the ASA can help. Later we talk about: BRK AGM this weekend, China’s lockdown, Netflix’s stock price, PGL on our buy list, the Solomons and China, the BHP/WPL de-merger, over-exposure to mining and China, what to do with stocks that go nowhere, why TK prefers a LIC instead of a ETF in case of emergency, the importance of EPS growth, the differences between ROIC and ROE, and AMP’s ‘qualified opinion’.