QAV S03E61 – Zombie Value Investing

Is value investing back? Yes, according to the same people who reported it was dead last year. On this week’s episode we talk about Tony’s “Stock Of The Year”, why we use different Intrinsic Value calculations, whether or not WBC is a buy, whether or not stock consolidations are something to worry about, how Tony uses stop losses, whether or not we should only buy stocks with a significant director interest, how young investors should get started, whether or not it’s better to buy a stock immediately after it has crossed its BUY line, and how much Tony is guided by the financial press.

TK Journal 2020-08-21

NOTE: Cameron hasn’t checked all of these yet, so proceed with caution. I’m not sure if we have covered Shriro Holdings (SHM) before, but they are now coming up as a buy with a QAV score of 0.34....