QAV #547 – Crystal Balls

TK’s historical returns; Pulled Pork kibosh on GNG; SKT consolidation; SGM – Iron and Steel Scrap; Buffett explains his $750 million charitable donation; RBA taking a lot of heat; beware annualised figures; Portfolio update; QAN upgrades again; CLX Upgrades; Fixed loan rates; $250k deposit guarantee; Pulled Pork on DDH

QAV 543 – The Mounting Yard

Portfolio benchmarking, RBA interest rate rise, Thermal Coal sell line, JHG dividend, what to do when you R1 a stock that’s on top of the buy list (IMA), Wheat price on the rise, new Berkshire book, SUL trading update, WHC – MOAB Away, The FAANG index, Oil and Copper are a buy, what about Aluminium, MQG Results are in, Pulled Pork GNG, DRP vs DSSP