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Learning the system and setting up your portfolio is only step one.

Step two is to become a black belt investor. And that’s going to take a long time.

Tony’s been at this full time for 30 years and he is still learning and improving. So we should all think about this as a lifelong journey to becoming a black belt investor.

There are a million different scenarios that we all have questions about over time.

A lot of them will come up and be answered on the podcast. You’ll have some of your own and you should ask them on the podcast. Don’t feel worried that they might have been asked before. We all need to hear the answers again. And Tony’s answer might have changed (that does happen from time to time!).

Don’t forget that you aren’t just learning this for yourself – this is something you will be able to pass on to your kids, family and friends. Just like Tony has done. We want to build a worldwide community of people who really know how to invest – and you are now part of that community. We are all in this together.