S03E10 – Play By The Rules

Today we answer your questions about why we’re buying back into the market even though Tony has doubts over the recovery – how we account for the quality of management in our analysis – how much attention Tony pays to volume of shares traded – Stock Doctor’s “Price to Cashflow” and “Price to NTA” filters – how to calculate three-point trend line sell signals – how the checklist weights ‘quality’ vs ‘value’ metrics – how patient Tony is with a stock if it drops soon after he buys it (versus “you breach you gone”) – Stock Doctor’s diluted weighted no. of ordinary shares vs ‘Fully Paid Ord. Shares’ – HAW’s future cash flow – Milton Corporation’s conference call – and how to go about setting up a brand new portfolio.

S03E09 – Chris Tate

Chris Tate from Talking Trading and The Trading Game joins us today to talk about his approach to investing, futures trading and turtle trading. Then we answer some listener questions about whether or not the market has priced in the coming economic carnage.

S03E08 – The Family Jewels

How are Australia’s two million small businesses coping with the lockdown? Is the government stimulus helping? What will happen to them on the other side of the crisis? To help us get our heads around these questions, we’re joined today by Kane Kelfkens, owner of The Family Jewels, a jewellery business with several outlets in Sydney.

Then we answer some of your investing questions, about dollar cost averaging, the possibility of a US currency devaluation, the best sources to find stocks, and whether or not Tony sells his entire holding or just a part of it when it breaches the downwards three-point trend line.

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