QAV S03E21 – Riding It Out

On this Q&A episode, TK answers questions about whether stocks that have been bought in an Up trend perform better than those bought after a break out from a Down Trend, about the relative importance of market depth for LYL, whether or not profit taking makes any sense, how he uses the the 52 week high AFR list, HUG lines, the three point trend line for ANZ, and the logic of selling AGD.

QAV S03E20 – Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne is one of Australia’s best known and most feared shareholder activists. He’s also the founder of Crikey, a writer for InvestSmart and claims to own the world’s biggest small share portfolio: 500 holdings worth less than $30,000. He came on today to chat about capital raisings and shareholder activism.

QAV S03E19 – Starting From Scratch

TK talks me through how to re-evaluate the watchlist when we are ready to buy something and then we answer your questions about the recently added Stock Doctor filters (SDMax, Financial Health Trend, etc), the GEAR buy last week, how much time Tony spends on his portfolio each day and the pros and cons of having a portfolio of only 10 stocks instead of 20.

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