QAV S03E16 – The Data Hoarder

This week we have a 100 minute premium episode answering all of your excellent questions about subjects such as:
– banks and sentiment
– AQG / SSR merger
– Stanmore Coal acquisition offer
– Buying more when the price drops below the buy line
– Using a 5 yr/weekly chart to help fine tune your trend lines
– using the checklist to score LICs
– holding back on the retail sector
Рthoughts about oil glut and prices affecting Oil/Coal companies 
РDuring times of volatility (like GFC or dot com bust) did Tony notice a similar increase in buy/sell? 
– How Tony stages his entry into a position
– How he regression test the results/model
– The buy line for OSH
– SFC sell price and recent update on their financials
– How does Tony decides what percentage of his capital to invest when he BUY stocks such as MQG
– How to analyse the TGP graph
– Why the TRS, WPL and MQG charts are different
– and Tony also introduces his new magic 3PTL maths.

QAV S03E12 – Buy Line Follows The Sell Line

We talk about the recent Berkshire Hathaway AGM, Tony “muses” about buying NAB without waiting for positive sentiment (shock! horror!), discusses some new theories about using Stock Doctor filters, and then he answers a ton of your questions about – pyramiding – whether or not Tony ever sets a margin where he always cashes in the profit – how to calculate¬† the intrinsic value of each of the top 20 stocks – and a heap of questions about drawing three-point trend lines.

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