QAV S05E34 – The Qaverick

Time to check your 3PTL alerts; spare a thought for poor Andrew Forrest; NCK’s results; Ophir fund performance; Portfolio updates; Reversal of fortune for BPT, back on the buy list; Some old friends return to the buy list – SUL, BFG and WHC; SGM is a scrap metal recycler tied to the iron ore price; TK mistakenly bought KAR and VEA; he also bought NWS but probably shouldn’t have; Pulled Pork is ABA; PTB enters into scheme implementation deed; JHG price/op cashflow; the outlook for REITs; banks and ‘Price to Op cashflow ratio’; TK’s thoughts on a 2nd sell line; has Tony found he has had any better or worse luck on stocks he’s repurchased after making a loss; sell line for EHL; who is our Qaverick of the Week?

QAV S05E29 – Let’s Get Physical

We farewell a QAV member; gold is a sell; iron ore is close; pump and dumpers duped millions out of Aussie investors; BPT results; Buffett’s casino analogy; profit taking driving up inflation; Duncan on asset washing; pulled pork on ACL; using the 3PTL on ETFs; has TK done better out of mining or industrial stocks; how and why of the Average Daily Trade rule.

TK Journal 2020-08-19

Beach Energy (BPT) has reported it’s annual results and remains a buy with a QAV score of 0.17 Update from Tony 2020-08-20: I had scored a 2 for record low pe, but now see that it is the 2nd lowest. Changing that from a 2 to a 0 reduces the QAV score from 0.17 to...