QAV S04E24 – Flat Bottomed Girls

We debate the 3PTLs for ATL and AGD, talk about the recent jumps in price for AIS and CGS, the ANZ price, the lag in dividend payments, the results of Tony’s recent analysis of the performance of dividend stocks in the QAV portfolio, why fudge is science, the poultry price on indexmundi, how to manually replace the SD financial health rating, some formula changes to the the TK Master Spreadsheet, and whether or not the GCY announcement of higher costs is a big enough red flag to make Tony want to sell.

QAV S04E21 – Hara-kiri

This week we’re talking about why we sold MRC and bought ATL; FMG is down and Tony’s current thinking about commodity 3PTLs; why we’re taking ETFs and LICs out of QAV; late stage market behaviour; SOTW; why we allow stocks in the scorecard with a quality score below 75%; why HUM is on the scorecard; if Myer is a Schrodinger; Ray Dalio’s thoughts on the stage of the market and how it applies to QAV; if it’s too late to buy into AIS; and why the score for “PE

QAV S04E20 – Navexa

In the first half of this episode we’re joined by Navarre Trousselot & Thom Benny from Navexa, an online portfolio platform, who tell us a bit about the vision for their product and what they’ve seen investors doing lately. Then we talk about minimising brokerage fees, building a portfolio with lump sums, the 3PTL on VDGR, Tony’s latest thinking about commodity sell lines, how to deal with stocks that cross their sell line but are also at the top of the scorecard, and what’s going on with iron ore producers.

TK Journal 2021-05-19

Hi everyone, I’m going to fudge the Sell Line for MRC and sell it from the QAV portfolio. It has two low points at 10.5 cents per share, but I am going to ignore the first one and fudge a sell line using the second 10.5 cents point as the first low point. Here is the...

QAV S04E19 – The Beauty Pageant

We talk about the bank results; tech wreck; Buffett breaking the NASDAQ; Increasing Net Equity v NEPS; re-naming the “buy list”; LICS and NTA; Price to Operating Cashflow for ETFs; Tony’s performance today vs when he had a smaller portfolio; CCV’s buy line; where the Top 200 ASX stocks came from; graphic positive sentiment for see-saw stocks; the gold cycle; and ATL’s debt levels.