Columns AO & AP – Financial Health

Cameron: Then we get to the Column AO which asks is the financial health from Stock Doctor stable or increasing? We get this on the financial health box on the home page, the nine rules page, Tony?

Tony : Yeah. So, on the nine rules page, in the top left hand of the page, you’ll see a series of bar charts. 

Cameron : And how do we tell if it’s stable or increasing?

Tony : The bar chart shows its financial health rating for the last ten reporting periods (ie ten x six months). We can tell from those if the financial health is stable, increasing or deteriorating.

Cameron : And we give it a score of two if it’s increasing; a one for stable; minus one for deteriorating; and anything else is zero. 

Tony : Yes. And we’re just looking at the last two reports. 

Cameron: Column AP looks at the financial health RATING.

Tony: That’s right. On the same nine rules page in Stock Doctor, in the financial health box, read what it says in ​​big circle.