TK Journal 2020-05-25

During our recording this morning, we discussed ZIM and their “qualified audit”. Tony suggested I sell if the stock drops below $10.00 again. When I was editing this afternoon, I noticed it was down to $9.65, so I sold it. I added TRS to my personal...

TK Journal 2020-05-22

Hi Cam, I took the Scott Pape, Barefoot Investor table a few steps further to show what the returns would be using the QAV 19.5% compound rate instead of the 10% for the index. Jen suggested I also calculate something which I have talked about for a while, investing...

TK Journal: 2020-05-21

From today I’m going to start keeping a public record of the notes Tony sends me here, rather than posting them in the Facebook group, so they are easier to find later. — Last night I analysed Whitehaven Coal (WHC) again and added a price alert to Stock Doctor...

QAV S03E16 – The Data Hoarder

This week we have a 100 minute premium episode answering all of your excellent questions about subjects such as:
– banks and sentiment
– AQG / SSR merger
– Stanmore Coal acquisition offer
– Buying more when the price drops below the buy line
– Using a 5 yr/weekly chart to help fine tune your trend lines
– using the checklist to score LICs
– holding back on the retail sector
– thoughts about oil glut and prices affecting Oil/Coal companies 
– During times of volatility (like GFC or dot com bust) did Tony notice a similar increase in buy/sell? 
– How Tony stages his entry into a position
– How he regression test the results/model
– The buy line for OSH
– SFC sell price and recent update on their financials
– How does Tony decides what percentage of his capital to invest when he BUY stocks such as MQG
– How to analyse the TGP graph
– Why the TRS, WPL and MQG charts are different
– and Tony also introduces his new magic 3PTL maths.

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