Getting Started Guide Now Available

Getting Started Guide Now Available

This week I published the first draft of our new QAV Getting Started Guide. It’s 26 pages long and breaks down the checklist step-by-step. It contains a lot of the basic thinking behind Tony’s value investing system. You can find it on our Club Member...

QAV S03E08 – The Family Jewels

How are Australia’s two million small businesses coping with the lockdown? Is the government stimulus helping? What will happen to them on the other side of the crisis? To help us get our heads around these questions, we’re joined today by Kane Kelfkens, owner of The Family Jewels, a jewellery business with several outlets in Sydney.

Then we answer some of your investing questions, about dollar cost averaging, the possibility of a US currency devaluation, the best sources to find stocks, and whether or not Tony sells his entire holding or just a part of it when it breaches the downwards three-point trend line.

Notes from Australian Foundation Investments

Tony says: I attended a Skype conference call put on by my broker today with the Management team from Australian Foundation Investments (AFI), a large Listed Investment Company. Here are my notes: – They are big holders in the banks and think that dividends will...
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