S02E04 – Rudi’s Super Stocks

This week we’re joined by Rudy Filapek-Vandyck from fnarena.com. He explains his “super stock” or “all-weather performer” investing strategy. In the QAV Club extended episode, Tony discusses the effect the Wuhan virus has had on the ASX and our portfolio this week, the latest results from CCP, and we break down the financials of AMI.

How To Use A Three Point Trend Line

One of the most common questions we get from new listeners is how to use the three point trend line. The three point trend line is how Tony decides when to buy and when to sell. It’s a little tricky to communicate over a podcast. It needs a visual guide. So I...

Common Sense And Integrity

Here’s another video I liked recently. This guy invested in Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway very early on, when he could buy shares for a few hundreds bucks, and talks about why he trusted Warren. He says he liked Warren’s “common sense and...

A Rare Chat With Buffett’s Son and Grandson

I enjoyed watching this short 2013 interview with Warren Buffett, his son Howard, and grandson. They talk about their charitable endeavours, Warren’s vision for what will happen to Berkshire Hathaway when he dies, and wealth inequality in the USA.

S02E03 – Confession Season 2020

As we’re into “confession season” and have “reporting season” rapidly approaching, Tony shares some of the details of the filters/alerts he uses in Stock Doctor to find opportunities. He also answers a listener question about the benefits of using free cash flow versus operating cash flow.

Our stock of the week is CIA – Champion Iron.

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