S01E30 – Tony Looks At Growth Stocks

Don’t be shocked! On this week’s episode of QAV, Tony has some new insights into ways to analyse growth stocks using the checklist and Cameron has to pick himself up off the floor. In our analysis section for premium members, we look at FMG, Fortescue Metals Group.

S01E29 – Tailwinds

This week we’re answering a number of listener questions, including one about how much attention Tony pays to “tailwinds” or macro factors affecting an industry or the economy. We also talk about how Tony deals with red flags in companies he has invested in, and he talks about some mistakes he has made recently. In our Club edition, we analyse Stanmore Coal again (we did it earlier this year) and take our time to explain some of the checklist columns in more detail. And Tony reveals what he wears when he mops the kitchen floor!

S01E28 – How To Structure A Portfolio

In this episode Tony explains how he thinks about structuring a portfolio taking into consideration your appetite for risk and volatility. In our Club episode, we also answer some listener questions about the process of buying shares, how to work out the most undervalued Top 10 stock, and the NEFF ratio. Oh yeah, and I sing Tony a song.

S01E27 – Investing Tax Structures

Based on an email from one of our QAV Club members, this week Tony shares his views on the various investing tax structures. We also talk about how we’re managing the dummy portfolio. And in our QAV Club analysis section this week, we’re looking at IFN.

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